1. Launch the application, contact the Internet
2. Wait for the SMS test you will receive from our system (we send it every day!)
3. Get earnings for every SMS test you receive!
That's it, the process is simple, everything is done automatically, all you need is to run the application and connect to the Internet
To earn real money, download Money SMS to earn money online and earn extra money for every SMS we send to your phone! Making money on the phone is easy, all you need is to run our application that will earn you money. Our system will ensure that you generate test messages daily, so you do not need to do anything!
Most other money-making apps ask you to watch ads or complete some tasks in order to earn some money. Money SMS allows you to make money online without any interference from you. Compared to other money-making applications, you will need to do nothing but run Money SMS to make money online in order to automatically generate real money for every SMS test message we send to you.
You can get money through PayPal, WebMoney, BitCoin, OKPay, Skrill and Advcash
You may wonder why we pay money to our users? The reason is that many SMS service providers and phone network operators need to send SMS test messages to foreign countries to check and verify the correct delivery of their messages. So you get money because we use your phone number to provide these testing services.
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